Creative Journaling

Fall 2013

Learn more about yourself as a writer and a person through creative journaling techniques. The simple act of writing can help you become a better writer (10,000 hours to mastery!), but it can also help you discover more about who you are, and that’s what will make your writing truly special … and make the experience of writing one of the more pleasurable activities of your day.

Activities may include:

– Exploring everyday things through non-everyday means such as emotions as colors
– How to use art to get at your topic more deeply
– Writing exercises to develop active writing, imagery, etc
– Stream-of-consciousness writing to flesh out ideas for revision
– Using writing prompts to kickstart the writing process
– Creating graphic organizers to find the details in memories you’d like to record

While not a requirement, participants will be encouraged to write in their journals between meetings.

Designed for children ages 11 and up and/or children who:

– Can work independently on writing exercises.
– Can participate in discussions that may include assessment and observations of other participants work.
– Have a working knowledge of grammar and sentence structure.

Materials Fee = $10 per child, or $3 if you buy your own journals … details to follow soon so that all participants will be prepared at the first session.

Needed: 1 assistant instructor