Leonardo da Vinci: Scientist, Artist or both?

Fall 2013

We could explore the many facets of Leonardo da Vinci as an artist, inventor, scientist, and genius all year long (and more!). Leonardo was a true Renaissance man, that’s for sure. But this 8-week session will focus on the way science and art worked together for many of Leonardo’s greatest works. Facts about Leonardo’s life and interests will serve as kicking off points for our studies of his works of art and science and how they intersect. We’ll then create our own artwork and inventions based on Leonardo’s.

Activities may include:

– Studying Leonardo’s notebooks and the unique ways he recorded his observations and findings
– Exploring how science and math can be used to make great art
– Recreating some of Leonardo’s inventions
– Studying and applying the use of perspective and vanishing point in landscape or city scenes
– Learning the ratio of human proportions through Leonardo’s Vetruvian Man

It is unlikely that this will be the last study group to focus on Leonardo da Vinci since his works and insights have so much to offer us as learners and human beings.

Designed for children ages 11 and up and/or children who can:
– Listen and discuss the connections between science and art in a thoughtful and respectful manner
– apply Leonardo’s ideas to their own creations
– Use rulers, protractors and other art and science tools appropriately
– Use basic math to figure out ratio and proportion for human figure drawing
Materials fee = $10 per child
Needed: 1 assistant instructor, 1 helper from the clean-up committee during the last five minutes