Groups: Of Stars, Myths and Projects

December 2013 mini-session
1:00 – 2:00
ages 8+

This will be a laid-back study group honoring the night sky and it’s glorious display of constellations. We’ll work on a group project (and you’ll each have your own pieces to take home and enjoy when it’s over) designing constellations while we listen to constellation myths read aloud.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about and construct actual constellations in the night sky, and then create your own constellation based on actual star arrangements. You can even write your own myth to go with your new constellation if you like!

Designed for children who can:

  • listen quietly and respectfully to constellation myths read aloud
  • use age-appropriate motor control to design constellations from given materials
  • follow directions
  • work in a pair or a small group
  • write independently (optional)
  • respectfully and thoughtfully discuss the connections between myths and groups of stars

Materials fee = approximately $8 per child to be paid directly to the instructor on the first day of the session