Game Theory and Design

Winter 2014
1:00 – 2:30
ages 8+

Do you like to play games on a rainy afternoon? Ever wish you could design your own, but you don’t know where to start? The Game Theory and Design study group will cover many aspects of game design so you can develop your own game. We’ll discuss things such as types of games, strategy, game mechanics, game logic, player interaction, and pacing. We’ll play example games along the way and analyze their design. By the end of our group session, you’ll have your own game that you will have the opportunity to play-test with your friends at LACI.

Designed for children ages 8 and up and/or who can:

  • listen quietly and discuss the information presented
  • use age-appropriate motor control to construct the projects presented
  • follow directions
  • work in a pair or a small group
  • understand and make connections based on the theories presented
  • read and understand game directions
  • have the focus and stamina to play sample and test games
  • critique the games and strategies presented

Materials fee = approximately $10 per child to be paid directly to the instructor on the first day of the session