LACI’s Camp Half-Blood

Winter 2014
11:00 – 12:00
ages 8+

One of the really cool things about the Percy Jackson books is that we not only get to know the Greek gods and goddesses, but we get to see how their gifts shine through in their children. Hephestus’ children are great at crafting things, especially out of metal. Athena’s children are wise and heroic, and so on.

In LACI’s version of Camp Half-Blood, we’ll learn about some of the gods and goddesses who have children at Camp Half-Blood, and we’ll do activities and projects based on their attributes. One week, we may create an homage to Demeter by planting a mini harvest garden, the next week we’ll make fashionable wearables that would make Aphrodite proud. Metalworking, sculpture, cartography, woodworking and maybe even some archery may be included in our activities.

Designed for children ages 8 and up and/or who can:

  • listen quietly and discuss the information presented
  • use age-appropriate motor control to construct the projects presented
  • follow directions
  • work in a pair or a small group
  • understand and make connections based on the literary and historical concepts

Materials fee = approximately $15 per child to be paid directly to the instructor in CASH on the first day of the session