Probability Carnival

Spring 2014
1:00 – 2:00
ages 8+

Did you ever wonder how carnival games work? What is it about dice and spinner games that people find so fascinating … dare I say addicting? It all has to do with probability, or the chances you have of winning or losing a particular round or game. We’ll investigate probability by playing some games to learn about how probability works. Then, we’ll create some games for everyone to try out as we host a Probability Carnival on the last day of the session during the 2:00 – 3:00 hour.

Designed for children ages 8 and up and/or who can:

  • listen quietly and discuss the information presented
  • use age-appropriate motor control to construct the projects presented
  • follow directions
  • work in a pair or a small group
  • play games respectfully with a partner or small group
  • understand and make connections based on the mathematical concepts
  • apply what is learned to create their own game

Materials fee = approximately $10 per child to be paid directly to the instructor in CASH on the first day of the session