Bookmaking Arts

Winter 2015
11:00 – 12:00
Instructor: Jen Swan

Ancient art and more modern art can be very different — even in the same country! You’ll make four book projects in this study group that prove it. You’ll learn about the Four Noble Ones from ancient Japan and create a book with Japanese ink painting. Then, fast-forward to a more modern Japan and create a quirky book with anime and manga. Illuminated manuscripts dominated medieval England, so you’ll learn about that and create your own book of illumination. Then, you’ll make a Steampunk-inspired book, complete with metal gears. You’ll have an enlightened understanding of ancient and modern art from two different cultures by the end of this study group … not to mention four beautiful handmade books!

In this workshop, we will focus on the ancient and modern cultures of Japan and England as we create one of a kind artist books.

Book one: The Four Noble Ones
Format: Accordion fold with paper wrapped hard cover

We will learn the skills needed to paint the four noble ones (bamboo, orchid, plum blossom and chrysanthemum) in traditional style using bamboo brushes, sumi ink and sumi paper. These will then be presented in an accordion fold book using decorative papers and signature stamps.

Book two: Manga madness
Format: Meander book with comic book style boxes and thought bubbles

In this fun book style, we will learn how to draw characters in manga style as well as creating a storyline.

Book three: Illuminated manuscript
Format: Gilded dowel scroll with ribbon closure

Focusing on the art of illuminated letters, this manuscript scroll with be painted on parchment with decorative design work, lettering and golden illumination.

Book four: Victorian Steam Punk
Format: Hardcover Scrapbook with duct tape hinge and drilled screw posts

This book will incorporate the industrial and edgy qualities of steam punk style with the old Europe feel of luxury. This hard cover assemblage will include bits of fabric, metal and gears in addition to collaged and drawn imagery.