Q. What does my membership to LACI include? What are all of the fees I’ll be charged?
A. There are several levels of membership. Please see our Tuition and Fees page for more information.

Q. If I stay to be a member of the LACI community, what jobs will I be assigned?
A. Every member of LACI, whether they stay or not, is responsible to help either set-up the day at 10:30 or clean up the day until 3:15. There is a section on the registration form for you to choose your preference. Then throughout the day, you’ll either be teaching a study group, assisting a study group, or assigned to a job committee to help out with various tasks throughout the day. That may include outside play duty, planning a station for the 2:00 – 3:00 hour, cleaning up after lunch, etc.

Q I don’t want to join the coop and do the whole day, but my child is interested in one or two of the study groups. Can he/she participate?
A. Yes, your child may opt to enroll in one or two study groups during each session without being a member of the coop, as space allows. Please see our Tuition and Fees page for more details.

Q. Is this a drop-off?
A. If you’re enrolling your child in one or two study groups only, you may drop them off during the times of the study groups, but we’re happy to have you stay as well. There are different levels of membership if you join the full day of LACI, one of which allows you to drop off your child aged 6 years or older, as space allows. Please see the Tuition and Fees page for more information.

Q. How large are the study group sizes?
A. Each Instructor will set his or her own study group size, but they are generally capped at 8-10 students. They will run with 4-6 students minimum.

Q. My child is only 7 years old, but she’s interested in a study group for ages 9 and up. Can she participate?
A. We’re firm on kids being six years old to participate in a study group, but once the kids are within that age range and we know your child, the recommended ages are a rough guideline. First-time LACI members are usually asked to stick within the age ranges until we know your child. A discussion with the instructor is recommended, but you know your child the best. That said, exposure is okay with us, and your child doesn’t have to achieve mastery of the concepts discussed in a study group. If they are interested in the topic and motivated to learn more about it, that goes a long way! You may be asked to attend the study group with your child if the instructor finds that he or she is needing too much individual attention because he or she doesn’t meet all the prerequisites of the study group, or you may all decide together that a different study group would work best for your child.

Q. My child is a very mature 10 years old — can she participate in LACI Teen?
A. Nope! In order to participate in LACI Teen, your child needs to be turning 12 at some point during the current 8-week session. We’re really firm on this age limit because one of the guiding principles of LACI Teen is giving these older kids their own space. Their needs are pretty different from the younger kids, and we want to honor and respect that. Your child may be interested in signing up for the “crossover” study groups, in which kids ages 10+ mix and mingle with the teenagers.

Q. Do I have to teach a study group if my family joins LACI?
A. Only if you love to teach and you want to commit at that level. The association is designed to let parents choose the level of involvement with which they feel comfortable. We do encourage you to think about trying your hand at our co-teaching model, in which two or more teachers split the prep and teaching work for a study group. For more information, see our Tuition and Fees page.

Q. How do I register?
A. Our Registration Forms page has all of the information you’ll need to register for a study group or a membership with LACI.

Q. Where does my membership fee / tuition go?
A. The membership fees and tuition fees pay for the rental of the space, liability insurance, shared supplies, specialty supplies for the study groups, and other association expenses. We also hire outside instructors to teach some of the study groups and have special programs come in, like Worcester Think Tank for a day and Biomes Center Traveling Tide Pools. This is not a for-profit venture.

Q. What’s your refund policy?
A. If for some reason you require a refund, we will refund half of your tuition no later than the first day of the current session.