Study Groups



Spring 2020 —

March 24th – May 19th, skipping April 21st


Drawing with Jen Swan (10+) (FULL)
One of the fundamentals of art, strengthen your skills in drawing with projects each week focusing on different subjects such as large scale animals, portraits, trees and
fantasy creatures. We will learn how to shade, develop perspective and push our imagination to new limits. This class has a $10 materials fee.

Football (8+)
In this class students will learn the advanced aspects of the game of football. (e.g. schemes, different defenses, and the rules of the game). In each class, students will be given the opportunity to go outside to practice what they have learned. Safety will be our number one priority

D&D for Advanced Players (8+)
Dragons, two-headed ettins, dungeons, treasure, you know the routine! Dive into more DnD!

D&D for Beginner and Intermediate Players (8+) (FULL)
For years you have followed in the footsteps of your master, watching his every move and learning through observation and study. You longed for the day when you might actually be able to follow in his footsteps and become an adventurer yourself, basking in the fame and glory that comes with such an honor.
One day, during what should have been a normal expedition for your master and the other members of his group, everything changes. You suddenly find yourselves alone, the only hope for a city in desperate need of salvation, and you must put what you have observed into practice. Can you step up and become the hero you were destined to be?

Jewelry Making (8+)
Do you love to make jewelry? Have ideas and plans for what would look good on yourself and your friends? This class is for you. We will dive into Jewelry making. We will discuss some history and work on bracelets, anklets, and necklaces, using some beautiful materials. This class has a $10 materials fee.

Math Games (8+)
Anyone else like to solve puzzles or play games that have something to do with math? Not that boring arithmetic, you sometimes get, this is puzzle solving at it’s best and most fun. Think escape room type puzzles, King Domino, and Vi Hart. This is where you will find them!

Spiders, bugs, and all things creepy crawly (8-10)
Ewww! A worm! Eek! A spider! Cool! A centipede! Weird! A cicada! What kinds of crazy things will we come across in this class?

Clay Working (6-10)
Pinch pots, figurines, animals and even your own trinket container! Let’s get messy making all sorts of things out of clay. We will shape and mold and decorate and even try to make our own clay from scratch! Come use you imagination and lets see how creative we can get!

Storytime, Cooking, and Craft! (5-7)
Jump into the exciting world of stories! Bring stories to life by using your inner chef to make yummy treats and your inner artist to make masterpieces.


Greatest Military Upsets of all Time (10+)
The Greatest Military Upsets: Do you like underdogs, or battles, or military tactics, or history? How about all four? In this class we’ll review the greatest upsets in military history, and learn how tactical brilliance, superior technology, incredible bravery, and crazy luck have helped some outnumbered or cornered forces achieve amazing victories over seemingly unstoppable opponents.

D&D for Advanced Players (8+) (FULL)
Dragons, two-headed ettins, dungeons, treasure, you know the routine! Dive into more DnD!

Collage with Jen Swan (8+)
Using a variety of handmade papers and found imagery, we will create a series of collages. With their splendid array of colors, textures, and patterns, collages have an alluring beauty unlike any other artform. We will learn the art of Chigiri-e, Japanese paper collage using washi and mulberry papers. Also, we will look at contemporary collage art and learn techniques in layering, adhesives and adding personal items such as photography and maps. This class has a $10 materials fee.

Growing a Garden (8+)
What does a seed need to sprout? What does a plant need to live? Can I turn my black thumb into a green one? We will be learning how all kinds of plants grow by planting seeds and watching them sprout. Take home seedlings to start a vegetable or flower garden. Maybe we’ll even be able to taste our delicious plants at the end of class.

Outside Games (8+)
Do you enjoy being outdoors playing games? In this class we will be playing different games, relays, stretches, reaction drills, and just getting your body and mind moving. You will be learning movement fundamentals on land. Examples of games and movement include Capture the flag, bingo relays, different stretching, timed obstacle courses…lots of fun and creativity for 8 weeks!!

Theater (8+) (FULL)
Are you an actor? Do you like to make scenery? How about costumes? If so, we need you for this class. We are going to be doing a little improv to improve our acting skills, and we’ll pick a play to put on for LACI on the last day.

Endangered Species – 911 (6-10)
Take a trip around the world to learn about a variety of animal species who are in danger of becoming extinct. Through stories, hands-on activities, and the process of art, we will have fun learning about these amazing creatures and ways to make a difference. Toward the end of the session, we will collaborate on a mural and create some short video presentations to share with friends and family to give them the 411 about the 911 that exists for these amazing animals!

Messy Art (5-7)
Wear clothes you don’t mind getting messy for this class. We will really be getting into our art!

Legos! Math, animals, and science (5-7)
Can you use Legos to make animals you love? How about solving a math problem? Or can you use Legos to learn about how our world works? YES! Learn how here, and have fun building with Legos.