Tuition and fees

Fall 2019 — October 1 – November 19, 2019
Winter 2020 — January 7th – March 3rd, skipping February 18th
Spring 2020 — March 24th – May 19th, skipping April 21st
LACI’s flexible plan allows you to join at the level you are comfortable with, or to enroll your child in a study group or two without being members of LACI, space permitting.

There are three 8-week sessions each year, and various social gatherings, field trips, and meet-ups throughout the year (including summer).

LACI is currently full, but please contact us if you’d like to be put on our waiting list.

For each 8-week session family membership:

  • DROP OFF PER CHILD MEMBERSHIP, $390 ($48.75/day; $10.83/hour) = Maybe you need to attend to an infant or toddler, or have other commitments that allow you to be at LACI only part of the day. Although we prefer all parents to stay and be a part of the community, if this is the option that works for you, we require you to sign a waiver in the event you do leave the premises. You will also be responsible for helping either with set-up or clean-up, which will require you to either come at 10:30, or stay until 3:15; you can choose the option which is most convenient for you. (This level of membership is not available if you have preschool-aged children only; children ages 6+ may be dropped off and we only accept a limited number of this level of membership. Thank you for understanding.)
  • ON SITE FAMILY MEMBERSHIP, $275 ($34.38/day; $7.64/hour) = For everyone who stays for the full day of LACI and helps out in their assigned capacity, either assisting, working on job crew, or other assigned tasks.
  • INSTRUCTOR FAMILY MEMBERSHIP, $175 ($21.88/day; $4.86/hour)  = If you are the lead instructor of a study group, which requires significant preparation time outside of our association day each week.
  • HALF DAY ON SITE FAMILY MEMBERSHIP, $175 = For everyone who stays for a half day of LACI (either 10:30 – 1:00 or 12:30 – 3:00) and helps out in their assigned capacity, either assisting, working on job crew, or other assigned tasks.
  • HALF DAY DROP OFF PER CHILD MEMBERSHIP, $250 ($31.25/day; $12.50/hour)

Certain study groups that are supply-intensive, such as an art or science class, may have extra materials fees to help offset the extra cost of supplies for the study group.


Payment and Refund Policy

A $100 deposit is due with your initial application for membership. The balance of your tuition is due no later than the first day of the session. You may pay by sending a check made out to “LACI Homeschoolers Association” to the address on the registration forms.

If for any reason you need a refund, our policy is to refund half of what you have paid no later than the first day of the current session.